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Welcome to the Luxury Tiny Home!

We're Brooke & Wilhelm... Just two crazy kids, madly in love, working together (from our laptops), traveling the world & joyfully calling our solar-powered tiny dream home on wheels "home-base"!

What we're up to while waiting (impatiently) for our tiny home

What we're up to while waiting (impatiently) for our tiny home

'Tis the night before move in, and all through the house, everyone's a-stirrin' - you'd think our fat cats found a mouse!

Excitement has been building, we've even found ourselves putting things off, "until"...

Which isn't like us - nor is it something we're proud of.

But, it's what's been going on around here.

"Babe, let's try a meal delivery service so we eat in more often!"

"Ooh sounds good! But... let's wait until we're in the tiny house so we don't have to change our address, + we'll have our own fridge!"

That's just one of the (seemingly millions of) things we've been putting off.

Honestly, it's put us in a little bit of a waiting RUT.

So, need we say we're HYPED that the tiny will be here this weekend?! 

Well, a call to our builder takes a little wind out of our sails...

A solar panel piece had to be reordered, and there's a BIG chance it won't arrive in time to be installed and tested before our home needs to be on the road from Chattanooga to Cincinnati.

First, my head bursts into flames (picture Hades from animated Hercules film). 

Then, the tears come. 

I'm not angry, I'm disappointed. While I'm generally very go-with-the-flow, when I want something/when I expect something and it doesn't happen as planned, I really don't take it all that well.

Disappointment does not look good on me.

Anyway, no sense in wallowing.

We decide to behave believing in that slim chance that everything will fall into place and our home will be here tomorrow! We're going with the law of attraction on this one and doing what we'd be doing if we knew for a fact our home would be here in less than 24 hours...

The cement pad where we're parking our home still needs stained (and by needs I mean, I really really want to stain it for aesthetics, and it by no means "needs" anything). So, that's what we do. 

Tiny Home Patio Stain

Wilhelm's got the supplies, two gallons of stain, some rollers, and paint trays.

We dig through the dusty old horse barn in search of a few brooms we can steal the long handles from - or we'll be on our hands and knees for hours rolling with just the little nubs he's brought from Home Depot.

Score. An old push broom and a spade have twist off handles - we're in business.

Tiny Home Patio Stain
Tiny Home Patio Stain

We trot up to the tiny home spot and clean the concrete and prep it for stain...

(And by clean it I mean we pull the weeds growing through the cracks, scrub off any bird poo and sweet it of debris. By no means did we do a thorough job, or one that would count as clean in the eyes of my grandma Penny, in full disclosure.)

We each take a side of this 20x20 cement pad and start rolling away like we know what we're doing.

Tiny Home Patio Stain

It's hot here in Ohio in August, man. More than that... it's humid. 

While the work isn't miserable, but the sticky feeling of wet jeans on your thighs is. We work in silence, me rolling from the left-side inward, Wilhelm from the right.

My mind isn't anywhere but here. It's quiet. It's content. It's noticing the itchy sweat dripping down my crack, but other than that, my thoughts are peaceful.

Without a plan, we stain our respective sides in sections, with each row our rollers coast silently by one another when they meet in the middle, blending our strokes.

"You and me in this moment...

feels like magic, don't it...

I'm right where I wanna be..."

Kane Brown's, "Heaven" coos from the little black Bose speaker we take everywhere. 

The rain, that promised to hold off until tonight, starts tumbling from the sky and we both laugh.

I put my roller down, absentmindedly painting a section of grass as I do, and grab my phone...

"Babe, we need a selfie... someday this will be funny!"

We're such a tired, sweaty mess we can't even pull it together for a photo - but we've got one, a moment frozen in time in the season just before our tiny home adventures begin...

Tiny Home Patio Stain

The concrete is stained. It's a lighter color than I thought we picked... maybe I'll go over it with a darker stain at some point.

For now, done is better than perfect.

We pour ourselves into the car and start to make our way down the drive.

On the way out, Wilhelm spots some rocks that've been drug onto path by one of the trucks that's in and out sometimes.

He puts the car in park, swings the door open and jogs to clear them off.

I thumb through the six pre-programmed radio stations on our trusty old SUV, stopping when a playful tune catches my ear...

It's Cardi B's "I like it",

and to say Wilhelm likes this song, would be a wild understatement.

He's a ways from the car at this point, kicking rocks off the road with his clunky, mud-covered boots, so I crank the song up as loud as it'll go so his vulcan ears might catch what it is.

In seconds, he's kicking in rhythm with the song, shimmying his shoulders and shaking his butt.

I roll my eyes, amused at him as usual and chuckle to myself as I watch him through the slightly-tinted back window.

He slides back into the car like nothing happened,

buckles his seatbelt and says,


It's been quite a day... we're chalking it up to "done is better than perfect" and toasting to dancing despite disappointment! 🍹

Thanks for joining us on this journey to living life in a luxury tiny home! We're so excited and will be posting excerpts like this as the stories unfold...


Brooke & Wilhelm


What we're up to while waiting (impatiently) for our tiny home...


  • We're SO flipping excited
  • There's been a delay in delivery due to a solar panel part needing to be swapped out
  • We're staining the concrete pad the home will sit on
  • It's miserably hot in Ohio
  • We're keeping happy attitudes despite delays :) 
  • Wilhelm loves Cardi B & margaritas
"Why are you moving into a tiny home?"

"Why are you moving into a tiny home?"