Luxury Tiny Home Couple

Welcome to the Luxury Tiny Home!

We're Brooke & Wilhelm... Just two crazy kids, madly in love, working together (from our laptops), traveling the world & joyfully calling our solar-powered tiny dream home on wheels "home-base"!

Building a tiny home will test your marriage

Building a tiny home will test your marriage

We don't have kiddos, we don't have student debt, we love our jobs and for the last year, we've been living for free.

Honestly, we rarely have anything to fight about.

Now, I'm not saying we don't bicker, miscommunicate or annoy the other - because we do.

But, I am saying it's been a LONG time since someone slammed a door or raised their voice...

Until last night.

I mentioned we've been waiting "until" on a few things lately...

Most of that revolves around "waiting until we're moved into the tiny" to: (insert all sorts of things we want to be doing here). 

Well, it turns out we've been playing this waiting game with too many things...

and the pressure of it all erupted in an angry driveway fight over nothing, and everything.

We've been "waiting until we move in" to:

  • Start receiving our new meal delivery / eat in more than out
  • Record new podcast episodes
  • Break into the new shampoo and conditioner we finally splurged on
  • Hop on Facebook live to share about our upcoming couples retreat
  • Photograph client products that have come in
  • Clean up and fully pack our belongings
  • Finalize decluttering and creation of our capsule wardrobes
  • Pop the champagne that's in our fridge

If you know us, that last one says it all.

We're the kind of people who pop the bubbly JUST BECAUSE it's in the fridge! 

Luxury Tiny Home Champagne

We don't wait until.

Life's too short.

Carpe Diem.


You know the cliches...

We talk the talk, and we usually walk the walk...

But, we've fallen into the "waiting until" trap.

And we feel like garbage thanks to it.

We've been treating ourselves badly, we've been treating our current home badly, and we finally realized last night, we've been treating each other badly, too.

We've been depriving ourselves...

Waiting for this big break - this momentous moment - this perfect (tiny) palace to continue our lives, to live in the moment, to enjoy life.

And after our big blow out last night, we're calling BULLSHIT on ourselves. 

I hate fighting, but it usually serves a purpose - here, it happened JUST in time to save us from continuing this pattern of waiting.

The current issue of waiting until our home arrives will resolve itself (as our tiny home is in fact arriving TODAY!) but the overarching issue of us having fallen into this mindset, won't be solved with that. 

So, we're grateful for life grabbing us by the shoulders, shaking us and sending a clear reminder:

Life is sweeter when you're living and bitter when you're waiting.

Luxury Tiny Home Champagne

We'll move into the tiny home tonight, we'll enjoy our own kitchen, our luxurious bathtub, our clean closet and a fresh start...

It'll feel perfect.

Like we can relax and forget this whole mess happened...

But, instead of falling for that, we're putting in place habits to keep us from accidentally carrying this nonsense on.

Tomorrow - like today - we'll wake up and discuss what we're grateful for, even in the waiting. 

We'll keep doing that as we pursue other goals,

because it's always tempting to wait until...

But, really, who knows if we'll make it wherever that arbitrary mile maker sits...

And man, it'll be a really dull journey if we're not finding roses to smell along the way. 

Thanks for joining us on this journey to living life in a luxury tiny home! We're so excited and will be posting excerpts like this as the stories unfold...


Brooke & Wilhelm


Building a tiny home will test your marriage,


  • We've been "waiting until" we move into the tiny (and it's holding us back)
  • We got in a giant fight about it (and we're grateful life handed us the reminder to live)
  • The tiny home is on its way RIGHT NOW
  • We're going to keep popping the champagne just because (even in times of "waiting")
The Luxury Tiny Home has finally arrived!!

The Luxury Tiny Home has finally arrived!!

"Why are you moving into a tiny home?"

"Why are you moving into a tiny home?"